Feedback for Meta-Game Ideas

Hello everyone! I just released some of the rules I had been working on for a variation of FATE Core based around allowing players and GMs to select “scenarios” to play out which are little mini-quests treated as actions in the game (deal damage to bigger bads, can bring new advantages into the game with mechanical effects, etc.). It really takes the idea of the FATE fractal to new heights, allowing you to treat much more as entities with stats in the game. You can look over the fairly extensive expansion of FATE I have so far here for free -

I have hit the point in the process where I need to strategize on what to focus on next. To do that, I would appreciate if I could get something of a read on how interested people are in such ideas and gameplay.

For those interested, below is a brief summary of some of the mechanics.

Scenarios are basically like combat events in FATE Core, but in this game can be sneaking missions, investigations, combat, chasing, etc.

There are 4 ways to approach a scenario.

Direct – Think through the problem in a scenario.
Skillful – Think around a problem in a scenario.
Reflexive – Think about how the problem became a problem.
Social – Think about how forces outside the current scenario can help.

Choosing an approach determines what type of scenarios you can use for a problem, (Combat, Chase, Social Persuasion, etc.) It also determines what bonuses you might receive to perform such a quest.

Scenarios are layered upon each other, so on one level of the story there might be Combat breaking out. Such as, two gang factions wandering about the city, trying to knock each other out. When the gangs encounter each other, they can make an attack action, which creates a new sub scenario to play out (one gang might be said to get the jump on a member and create a Chase scenario). The outcome of this sub-scenario can damage the gang faction which loses it.

With that, what is your reaction? I was hoping your feedback might assist me in thinking about what to prioritize next. For instance, if you said it sounds a little involved, I might focus on sliming down the systems and complexity as best I can, if you thought it seemed a little abstract, I could focus on working the rules into a setting, or if you thought it all sounds interesting, I might work on refining and expanding what I have.

Please feel free to provide whatever comes to your mind!

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