Feedback for my game Corruption

I created a game for quick play low prep and wanted some feedback.

It definitely could be a game that can be expanded but I wanted to try my hand at a pick and up to style of game. This is a rough draft but would love some feedback.

What can you tell us about the game? What do you think it does well? What specifically are you looking for feedback about?


Corruption is like those crime investigation movies. There are top villains that are untouchable at first and you slowly break down their networks working as police to investigate them. You find evidence, you arrest lower level guys and turn em to witnesses and you try to work the case.

Like Narcos or The Wire but like those games you have to fight against becoming as Corrupt as the villains your investigating.

I’m trying to see if this system

A. Could be played as a short session based on the rules I wrote

B. If there is anything not understood in the rules so I can clarify it.

C. if A is yes, whether this concept is better for a short free release or whether it’s better more developed.

D. Any mechanics I need to fix.

E. Is this any good? It’s my second game, I’m trying to develop another one but wanted to make something smaller to take a break from it.

I actually got to test this tonight, and it has merit. I just need to be more clear as to how it should play.

2nd draft

I edited it, would still love some feedback