Feedback for The Elementalist, a Dungeon World class

Hey there! I’ve been working on a custom class for Dungeon World, and I’ve got it to a point where I’m quite happy with it, at least in theory. Here’s the short blurb I wrote for it:

I’m but one person, so my own playtesting is going to be slow and not the best in terms of varied information. I’d really appreciate it if you would take some time out of your days and look over the playbook, and leave your thoughts and suggestions in the replies, over DM, or through the simple form I made. Thank you again for your time!


Hello! I’ve updated the class, and felt it pertinent to update this post as well.
The changes made are as follows;

  • Changed the Wind option for the Elemental Soul move to Water, updated passive ability, and look to reflect the change.
  • Changed the passive look text of the Storm option for the Elemental Soul move.

You should see these changes reflected in the document linked above, if not please let me know!