Feedback Request: Core Mechanics & Basic Moves for Cosmic Resistance

Hi All,

I’m designing a science fantasy PbtA game about saving an imperiled universe where magic is possible. I’d appreciate thoughts on how my basic moves are written (pg 4) and on my quirk for the dice (pg 5).

Here are the relevant pages from my Quickstart Edition.

Inspirations include Guardians of the Galaxy, Mass Effect, Star Wars, and the Saga comics. FWIW, I’ve been posting a bit on reddit (ex. on the dice quirk).

Thanks for taking the time to look at my game!

EDIT: Starting another round of playtests today, and did some big revisions after reading Fellowship this weekend. Thanks to everyone who looked at this. I might post again later.

EDIT 2: Sorry, didn’t mean to bump this. Thought I could just edit quietly in case anyone came late and decided to give feedback on material that’s out of date.