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Hi all,

My name is Ben, and I am working on a game called Campus

You can find a copy of the current rules here:

I would really appreciate feedback.


I’m really liking the premise of this, and immediately though of House of Leaves, so was happy to see that in your list of inspirations.

Are there particular things you are looking for feedback on? Mechanics? Theme? Clarity?

I am primarily interested in feedback relating to the mechanics, especially for feed back relating to the the core loop.

It would be really nice to know if in reading it, someone other that myself can spot any point in the rules where the game crashes.

Beyond that, general feed back on the mechanics and the clarity of the rules are most useful.

The Theme, and the literary themes of the fiction of the game, are pretty much set in stone. They are the reason for writing the game, and the rules are really just their to serve them.

Some more art, though this is a work in process.

It depicts a Sphinx, one of the cities many strange and unpleasant entities. Sphinx are memetic organism that consume complex information. They love nothing more than to enter the language centres of human brains and transform the information of language into entropy, burning out the language centres and destroying their hosts capacity for speech and language as they do so.

The theme and setting sound super interesting. The mechanics are easy to understand. I don’t see any obvious weak points.

You can effectively push yourself for free on every role that is in accordance with your conviction, so long as you have at least two strain boxes unchecked. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or a feature.

I would like to see some example character sheets and/or creature stat blocks to get a better idea of how they would work in play.

Here is a Core playbook. This iteration of the rules has not been through a playtest yet, this approach to playtests is new, almost no one has looked at this yet, so if I have messed up with it in some deep way, please keep in mind it is totally still in flux.

I hope the above character sheet helps.

Also, to the person who went through and offered a bunch of proof reading, thank you so much. That was hella sweet. I was in no way expecting that.

Sorry for the delay. I just read the Minotaur playbook. It looks really cool! Thank you.

latest art for campus.

An example layout


I have had a real struggle getting the version you guys have seen playtested, and realised that I really needed a whole bunch of diverse voiced to do work on it around for instance Playbooks.

I have no money spare to pay people to do that.

Then I saw Jesse’s game Trophy, and realised it did a lot of what I needed. So I am currently working on a version of Campus based on Trophy, that I can put out, and with luck raise an audience who are interested in seeing more material set in The City.

More art

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Hey, Ben!

I just had two tabs on my browser: one was this topic and the other was this post:

Maybe it was… fate? I don’t know, I’m not even a patreon! I just hope it helps!

Thank you, that is very kind of you. I really don’t know that I am at that stage yet.

So i made this today, but I am really not sure about it.

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What an interesting premise for a game! It actually appeals to me in a really personal way. When I was in college, the school I went to had that brutalist architecture—totally oppressive, but also suggestive of something deeper. I always had similar fantasies, as if there was something going on beneath the surface. I think it was significant that my school was largely students of color but that the administration and faculty were predominantly white. That gave the whole thing an even more oppressive vibe.

I’m excited to see where you go with this!

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Thanks you.

It is very much a game about the ways in which higher education systemically excludes people. While most who what I have done is about my experience of Dyslexia and depression in that environment, it definately has has room for dealing with issues around race, class, sexuality and gender.

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More potential art.

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After reading Trophy, I took a hatchet to the ruleset, and started over…

This is the current state of affairs.