Fellowship 2e: The Great Curse


The session is scheduled for 3 hours. The session will be recorded.

Being able to attend each session is ideal, but not required. You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend.

Sikandar-i-Megas. The Accursed. Two-Horned One. Her ferocity in battle and dark charisma are one second to her appetites. She has cut through the half of people of the world, conquering them and making them her own. There is an allure in her One World vision and more and more people welcome her armies with open arms: after all, the people that fear her most are the petty kings and tyrants.

You know the truth. You know that Sikandar ambition is bottomless. Her goal is not peace and unity: this is just the first step. This world, her first conquest.

Why cannot everyone else see this? Why cannot people come together against such an inevitable threat? Why everyone bicker and give in the infight, making many turn to the easy answers of The Two-Horned One.

The Fellowship knows the dark heart of the world conqueror. And the Fellowship will stop her.

This game abides by the Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy. The X-Card and Lines&Veils will be in use as well as any other safety tool players deem necessary.

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