Fiasco and More Bundle of Holding


Hey friends,

Bully Pulpit Games is partnering with Bundle of Holding to offer a bundle of my games, and it is a screaming deal.

For ten bucks, or whatever funds beyond that you feel that these impeccably designed, scrupulously edited, rigorously playtested and generally awesome games are worth, you get some great stuff - Fiasco (including a curated set of my very favorite playsets!), Carolina Death Crawl, and three short freeform larps - The Climb, Out of Dodge, and Radioactive Bison. Each of these games will transport you and your friends to a strange and often dangerous world of poor choices, unintended blood loss, and - in one case - the cold and forbidding, mildly radioactive forests of Belarus.

And for a little more money you can round out your collection with every Fiasco-related product we’ve ever sold (The Fiasco Companion, Run, Fools, Run and American Disasters) as well as the award-winning, oh-so-topical WINTERHORN and the hard-to-describe-but-amazing game The Skeletons. American Disasters includes Rainbow Mountain, a playset I highly recommend playing with your parents.

I talk about all the offerings in this collection here.

I hope that you will jump on this offer and tell your friends about it! 10% of the proceeds go to the Mines Advisory Group.

I’ll also be glad to answer any questions about working with Allen Varney and the Bundle of Holding, if you’ve considered that or been approached to contribute to one.


I totally jumped on this one… despite already having copies of Fiasco and Fiasco Companion in both PDF and hardcopy!


I did too - I am new to most of this stuff (and in love, if not yet very knowledgeable), but have heard the name Jason Morningstar enough times that it just seemed like The Thing To Do. I also subscribed to the the thing that’s like a Patreon, sort of! All The Games. All The Games For Me.