Fight With Spirit: One Glorious Weekend (Playtest)(Thursdays Sept 29-October 20)

Fight With Spirit: One Glorious Weekend
4 Sessions | 3 hours on Thursdays September 29th-October 20th (so sorry for the month split, but I’ll be traveling the end of October) | 8-11 pm Eastern time | Voice, Video Optional | Recorded for Playtest Feedback

For the first 48 hours, please only sign up if you are BIPOC, thank you! (This time limit has passed!)

After seasons of scrabbling things together, cobbling the resources to build your team for scratch, you’ve finally made it to the semifinals of the national fencing championships. How you do in the next few matches will determine not only if you win gold, but if your team finally gets the recognition it deserves.

This is a playtest of updated rules for Fight With Spirit, a sports drama RPG from Storybrewers (you may know them from Good Society). We will be using a fencing team rules (45-touch bouts, but don’t worry about the details, no fencing or Fight With Spirit knowledge necessary!) and the in-game time span will be one very condensed weekend of one very important championship to win fencing glory.

Our team will be the South Beach University Sharks, a rising team that’s just finally started to hit its stride. This will be a game about dreaming big and seeing what happens when things start to fall into place.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4, including the facilitator (me)

RSVP All-Access time: September 17, 2022 at 9 PM Eastern

ATTENDANCE: it would be super helpful if you could commit to attending all 4 sessions, especially the first, just due to how relationships are dispersed and game matches are conducted - however, if life gets in the way after the first session we can work around that

CONTENT WARNINGS: college sports drama things like choosing between obligations, rivalries, complicated romances (if players are interested)

SAFETY TOOLS: We’ll be using Lines & Veils, the X-Card, and the Open Door policy. We’ll be taking breaks at the top of every hour (5-10 minutes). We’ll also use the first part of the session to collaborate in more detail about the tone of the game. This game will be run according to the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

VENUE: Discord, Google Sheets, Roll20. Players will be invited to a Discord server for the game and game materials/notifications will occur there (and email as a backup)

RECORDING: Because this game is a playtest, it will be recorded and the video/audio will be sent to the designers.

NOTE: This is going to be my first time running FWS! I will also be fiddling with the scenario just the teensiest bit to make it work with a fencing championship tournament! With those two in mind, it may be the tiniest bit bumpy at first, but I will do my best!

Session 1: 2022-09-30T00:00:00Z
Session 2: 2022-10-07T00:00:00Z
Session 3: 2022-10-14T00:00:00Z
Session 4: 2022-10-21T00:00:00Z