Final(ish) Version of Shepherds now on Itch

Disclaimer: I hope this is ok. I’ve been working on this game for quite a while and have gotten help with several things from members of the community here, so I hope it’s alright if I post an “ad”. If not, please mod away.

I’ve finally “completed” work on my JRPG-inspired, hopefuly-fantasy PbtA game, Shepherds. I say “completed” since there’s always room for typo correcting, and more art might come down the pipeline at some point, but the game is feature complete – layout is done, both “fancy” layout and simple, big-text, single-column stuff for mobile/accessible reading. PDF bookmarks are in, hyperlinks, etc.

So if you’ve ever wanted to play a young member of an organization of professional do-gooders, heading out to a community in need to do everything from finding lost pets to foiling the plots of international criminal syndicates, this might be a game for you! Selling points include:

  • Seven background “stories” that capture JRPG archetypes and guide your character’s growth while helping you define an ‘issue’ that troubles them
  • Trust system that encourages punctuating action and problem-solving with quiet interpersonal scenes
  • A Move for making Friendship Speeches.

I’ve set a $5 price point because I want to encourage the idea that RPGs, even ‘amateur’ ones, have some value, and to try to avoid undercutting people who do this for a living, but there are community copies available, and if those run out, I’d be happy to give out a download code to anyone who thinks they’ll actually put the game on the table.

Thanks again, everyone.