Find a Partner and Duet


On the blog today, @Sarah, @transalaskan, and I share some of our experiences with two-player rules-facilitated RPGs (“Duets”)! I love the heck out of a duet game and since we already have a stellar post on some of our favorite duets, this seemed like as good a time as any to ask the community about games of this type! I’d love to hear your experiences with duets in general, but I’m especially curious to hear:

  • How is your play affected by a reduced player count?
  • What kinds of experiences do you look for in your duets?
  • What skills have you taken back to larger games as a player or a GM?


Great article you all! Makes me really want to play a duet. I’ve always liked smaller groups, but I’ve never gotten down to 2. I’ll pass on the questions, because I haven’t had the chance to explore any of these games yet, but I love the list you compiled!