Finding Carcosa -- Questions

I spent a couple of hours playing Finding Carcosa last night, and really enjoyed it! Thanks to @chapofsteel for the game.

Question 1: Table 4 of Age 1 has two entries which call for both advancing and rolling the d6. I assumed this was a typo and I should just advance it, rather than roll it. Correct?

Question 2: advancing the d4 in Age 4 pushes it to a 1 (and in general, advancing a die at max value pushes it to a 1)?

Question 3: in Age 4, second page, what Artifact is meant to be associated with the ++ footnote?

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Thanks @Bryant - really glad you’re enjoying it! This is the first full game I’ve published, so it means a lot to hear it. Thanks for picking up these issues.

  1. It looks like there was a copy and paste issue with the Advance entries from the entry above. On table 4 in Age 1 the only entries for Advance should be: Entry 4 (d4) and Entry 12 (d4). All other lines should be blank.

  2. Nope, the dice don;t wrap around. In general, this shouldn’t be an issue (Unless I’ve made a mistake, Advance shouldn’t be present in entries where that dice is already at the highest value). In the event of having to advance a dice due to landing in a duplicate entry, you advance the next dice instead. (So if you land on Age 1 - Table 5 - Event 12, you would normally advance the d12 but can’t, so instead you would advance the d6. If you had also already landed on Age 1 - Table 6 - Event 12, then you would advance the d4 to end up on Age 2 - Table 6 - Event 12.) In specific relation to this, it should be noted Age 4 has a Table 7 that can only be reached by landing on duplicate entries.

  3. That’s another copy and paste error - it’s just the duplicate note for the Book of the Dead artifact in Age 3

Hope that clears things up a bit! I’m going to take a bit of time to do a proper close read of the new tables in the book versus my working version, and if I notice any further errata, I’ll post here. (And I also want to say props to the team for taking my sprawling google doc spreadsheet and turning it into something both legible and visually appealing!)