Follow: Pick Your Quest

Slay the dragon. Steal the loot. Colonize an alien world.…
Pick your quest, assemble your fellowship, and then face the challenges that stand in your way. Can our characters stay united and succeed, or will our diferences tear us apart? Do you follow the plan… or follow your heart?
An easy and accessible role-playing game by Ben Robbins, creator of Microscope and Kingdom.

Rules will be taught as we play.
I will contact players via email one week prior to confirm attendance.

Concept: We decide upon a quest and a setting in play and then frame and play out scenes in three acts.
Aim: To create a fellowship and play to find out if they can stay united and achieve their goal.
Tone: PG-13, serious but with room for comedy
Subject Matter: We will decide in play from a list of prompts
Safety Tools: Gauntlet Code of Conduct, X Card, Lines and Veils, Open Door
Venue: Zoom