Follow/subscribe user?

Is there a way to follow/subscribe to a particular user’s posts? Apologies if this has already been covered. Didn’t see it mentioned when I did a quick search.



Not to my knowledge other than just going to a user’s profile page.

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You can bookmark their threads, but it doesn’t look like you can bookmark a user.

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There’s an app a plugin for that. :wink:

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So speaking on behalf of the mod team, at this time we have no plan of installing this plugin.

  1. We really like folks being engaged in the forum as a whole, and fear, if someone only wanted to follow certain people, it might limit their engagement with the rest of the forum.
  2. Being able to follow a specific user makes us extremely uncomfortable. It has the potential to facilitate some pretty negative stalking behavior.

While we understand that it would mostly be used for positive behavior, at the moment we have decided to refrain from adding this additional plugin.

Thank you, and if you have additional questions, concerns, or thoughts. I would be happy to hear them, either here or in direct messages.