For folk who enjoy Monsterhearts - what do you like about it?

Folk who enjoy Monsterhearts I’m trying to understand and encapsulate why I enjoy it. What do you enjoy about it and what’s the core of the game for you?

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There’s so much that’s great about it! I like the genre it’s based on, it uses its themes and subtexts brilliantly, and the mechanics are perfectly organised to feed this loop of spooky teen drama and conflict.


I’ve been a fan of supernatural fiction and schlocky teen drama for years. There’s something great it captures about the real, metaphorical and often mundane aspects of being a teenager. You can both have end of the world type scenarios, quiet stories of fraught emotions before a party and utterly weird stories like the Small Town in a place trapped in eternal summer.

The mechanics are still some of the better-presented ones in PbtA history, being small, clean and extremely clear in the mission statement. The hacks have been good and there have been a lot of fun APs of it.


I haven’t played second edition (yet), and it’s been a while, but I always thought that the “strings” mechanic was brilliant. Extremely fitting for the genre.

As an FYI - I do sell Monsterhearts 2e on the Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace. If you happen to be in Canada, it’s certainly the best place to get it shipped to you from. (Also check with your FLGS, we sell to them to, and some also get it from indie press revolution – either way it’s on Bits n Mortar, so your PDF is effectively included.)