For the Geek! (Descended from the Queen playtest)

What happens to a friendship of a group of geeks when a totally hot guy moves into the apartment across the hall? Find out in For the Geek!

This is a Descended from the Queen game set in a modern sit-com. We play a group of geeks whose lives are disrupted by an arrival of a totally hot guy in the building. While this is the provoking incident, the game is really a way to showcase the positive sides of various geekdoms and the friendships that can grow from these shared interests. While the game follows the DftQ model of answering question prompts, it follows a broad Act structure and allows for actual dialogue between characters as part of responses. This is a game I’ve been working on for years (it was inspired by an artist doing a gender-flipped version of a certain other geek-based sitcom that shall not be named) trying to find the right ruleset and I think DftQ may finally be the base for the positive and warm story I’d like it to inspire.

Technical details

Note that this game will be played over streamyard and the audio (not the video) may be used to make an actual play to promote the game. I am happy to make edits at players’ request though.

Safety tools

This sessions will use:

  • a content ‘palette’ incorporating Lines & Veils

  • X-Card

  • active check-ins where requested

These session will follow The Gauntlet’s Code of Conduct.

Link to session:

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