Forge Midwest 2019


Is anyone going to Forge Midwest this year? I have wanted to go ever since hearing The Jank Cast talk about it, and this is the year I’m going to do it. I don’t know many people in The Gauntlet who are going, though.


I plan to be there. But I think you knew that, Jason. :slight_smile:



I’ll be going. This will be my 6th time to FMW. Lots of friendly people. Very informal but there are time slots to help let people know when to pitch their games.

There’s almost always 1+ PbtA game offered. There is no pressure for you to run anything if you don’t want to. I waited a couple years before running to get more comfortable with the new community. Some board and card games, sometimes there are LARPS and often playtests.

Eric Farmer, designer of Trash Pandas, and his partner, Tina are planning to attend. He and his podcast partner may be demoing some ideas on their Wuxia game.



Fingers crossed! It bumps right up against a hospital contract I’m working in New York. I may or may not get off of it in time to go to FMW!


I’m certainly hoping that it will fit into my schedule that I get to go this year.


I’ve been wanting to go for a long time, its extra motivation of gauntlet peeps are going to be there.