Forged In The Dark with Asian influence

I’ve been kicking around the idea of a Forged In The Dark game that borrows from old world Asian culture and mythology in the same way that vanilla Blades borrows from Victorian England and Western European tropes and I’m hoping I might be able to utilize the community here to make sure I’ve got something interesting enough to pursue while also managing to be as respectful as possible to the sources I’m inspired by.

First off, has anyone come across anything that already does this? My idea began with specifically making a Ninja Clan based FiTD game, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I think it would be fun and interesting to broaden that, creating a game that pulls from ninja, Chinese Taoist priests ala the Mr. Vampire films, yakuza/triad stories, etc.

I would definitely want to set the game in a fictional setting, so using actual Asian people/places and terms like ninja/yakuza/etc would be swapped out for a different terms, but probably wouldn’t be too different as to still be easily recognizable.

I love how the idea of feudal Japan lends itself to factions in FiTD and how Yokai would make for a nice analog to the traditional western ghosts in Blades, but I’m also thinking that Balinese aesthetics with their tusked demons and whatnot might give the game a more unusual flavor.

Anyhow, thanks for humoring my brain dump and I appreciate any feedback you all might have to offer.