Forum section for video listings by game system


while The Gauntlet does a good job of advertising videos of game sessions when they come out, we really dont have any listings where we can look back over past games.

Would a section of the forum where we can posts compiled lists of games series by system be of interest to folk?

(eg, having a threat for Monsterhearts, a thread for World Wide Wrestling, a thread for Hearts of Wulin ect)

that way if somebody wants to look for actual plays of a specific games, we have them listed in a easy to find format.


I wonder if that’s something better done with a wiki? I don’t know what kinds of tools the forum has that would help with something like that. It’s a good issue and given that I crank these out it would be good to find a long window tool to organize and help folks find these.


There is wiki functionality for posts. We haven’t broken it out yet but this could be use for it? The question of course becomes who does the work? In theory as you play your series you post the vids on your series’ thread in #gauntlet-hangouts. Are you the game runner in charge of then adding them to the wiki? Or do we find volunteers to do that? Same question for the back catalog…

Totally open to ideas!


We can look them up on the blog! Just put the name of the system in the search bar and you’ll find the posts Rob makes every week. I did that just yesterday to find some Trophy APs. If it’s a multi-worded system name, you can just put it in quotes, like “Rhapsody of Blood” so you don’t get all of the posts that have “of” in them


Absolutely-- Rob’s done amazing work with that. However that only gives us an archive reaching back to mid-2018. It’d be great to have something covering 2016, 207, and the rest of 2018’s videos as well. There’s lots of good stuff there.


the blog is an excellent way of listing the new games out each week but i’m not sure searching it is the most user friendly interface for listing games like that.

Part of the advantage of the forums is that rather than having posts with individual videos, posters can edit the previous posts so all that videos for a particular run/game series are in one place.

but yes, wiki functionality is a better route for that.


A lot of stuff is in playlists under the Gauntlet YouTube channel. And in theory with @JeremyStrandberg having set up the archive it’s possible to dig in there for stuff too.


Yeah, I think that’s a great resource and worth approaching. It feels like a project for down the road to create something easy and accessible for users, wiki or something else, so they can easily search and locate certain games (Monsterhearts, Legacy, etc) from across the Gauntlet’s multi-year history. It is a common question (Are there AP videos for X?) and its been a useful source of engagement for the community, with users finding us via those videos.


Hi, all. Sorry for being late to this particular convo! For sure the closest thing we have to this currently is, as was mentioned earlier, the Playlists section of the YouTube channel, which (broadly) categorizes the videos by game system. Exceptions (and sometimes duplications) are for games bound in other special ways like Gauntlet Con games or Star Wars Saturdays.

I would be thrilled with a wiki-like resource (which would also allow for slicing the games along all sorts of different axes besides system), and just from having compiled the weekly roundups, I should have a fair amount of data that could be front-loaded into such a system. So there’s that, and once an established structure is in place, maintaining it could hopefully be rolled into the weekly roundup process.

TL;DR I’m highly in favor of a more archive-like resource for video listing, and hopefully could contribute to the seed data and future maintenance. I’d definitely be interested in this project down the road.


@flatvurm (or anybody else), If we had a single “Video Archive” wiki pinned in #gauntlet-hangouts, would that be enough structure? Having different sections for the different games? Or would something else like a “Video Archive” category (or sub-category) be necessary so you could have different topics by game? I want to make something that is easy to use (both to edit and for others to find what they want). I also don’t want to replicate something that might be better served on a different platform (like a playlist on YouTube).

If we started with just a single Wiki post, would that work and see what needs to be done from there?


I would vote that we start with a single post wiki and see if we need something more as time goes on.


I’m certainly down to try! I’ve never seen a wiki post (or post wiki) in action, so I don’t really know what to expect (like…are we expecting to generate discussions about the videos? etc.), but there’s no harm in trying it out and seeing! Certainly when I picture such a resource in my daydreams, I picture a wiki-like site, at least as far as navigation and such.


Haha, and now I see Yoshi has set up a wiki post for jargon. I’ll check it out and play around!


Ah, I see now that a wiki post is just a widely-editable post. I’m not sure that addresses what we’re looking to do here; it would get pretty unwieldy pretty quickly, I imagine. I still think a Wikipedia-like structure is a great idea, and certainly it’s always been in the back of my mind. Might be time for me to move it up to a front burner! :slight_smile:


What is concerning you about the single post?


If we’re talking about a complete record of videos, it will grow pretty large pretty quickly; we add dozens of new videos each week nowadays. Upon further reflection, I’m not looking for something wiki-like as much as I’m envisioning a database. Each item follows a fairly standard structure, and what I’d like to do is be able to arrange (and search) records along different parameters. I’m halfway doing that anyway in just assembling the posts. I could just sit and spend some time to get the rest of the way there. It’s one of those things that’s just been on the “someday” list for a while. :slight_smile:


Keep in mind, the search functionality here will certainly find stuff…

This is also why I have asked people to post the videos of their sessions in the thread they announced them in. That was they will be easily found and linked together.

What kinds of parameters do you want to search across? Are they ones you think the general public would want to make use of? I sense people mostly just want videos for $GAME_NAME.


This is all just speculative, but I think one-shot vs. series, GMless or GMed, maybe by number of players or even particular participants. Plus, imagine if videos were linked to game records in a database kind of way and being able to search on game characteristics. Diceless, say, or “X plus hacks of X.” I think it would be kinda cool!


I totes think that would be cool. The only way I could even possibly see that being feasible here would be per-game topics (wiki posts?) with extensive tagging. Not impossible, but a lot of work. I would also want to make sure they didn’t show up in New/Latest and the like…


Oh yeah…everything I’m picturing is from the perspective of something outside the Forums. I mean it’s basically just a UI over an RDBMS. (I mean…isn’t everything.) But the bulk of the data just gets populated with information already being collected for the roundup posts. Like I said…just an idea that’s been in my “someday” pile, but maybe it’s time to dust it off. :slight_smile: