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So I’m not super jazzed about the profile window that tells us everything we’ve done and how it’s doing with other people. Personal preference or legitimate concern? Je ne sais pas.

I would like a page, though, where you could pin things you want to save, which is kind of how I force the DM-yourself part of Slack to work for me . . . :thinking:

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For the “pin things” there is a bookmark feature. You can bookmark things and then from your profile there is a section where you can see all your book marks.

To bookmark a post, you have to expand the triple dots at the bottom of the post

It’s then the icon that looks sort of like a bookmark (or rectangle with a triangle missing from the bottom)

Then you can access all your bookmarks by clicking on your image in the upper right and clicking on the same icon

Hopefully at least that part helps you.


Do you mean the “badges” or something else?


Ah, the summary page! Here’a a screenshot:


Ah, cool! Yep, that works :relaxed:


Wow, you’re right. That’s a lot of info. I wonder if that’s something that can be fiddled with or not?


From a quick perusal, seems unlikely.


Here are the relevant settings: (let me know if you think any of these should be changed)