Forums for Story Games?

What are some online forums that are dedicated to (mostly or entirely) story games?


And, generally speaking, where did the g+ and storygames community migrate after the fall of plus?


I mean, isn’t this forum a de-facto story game community? There is a very small OSR presence, but I think the the Gauntlet’s bread and butter remains what most people call Story Games.

I see a lot of storygamers on Twitter, but it’s not the ideal platform to have meaningful / long discussion.


The only places I know of are here and at Fictioneers (, although that forum is tiny tiny.

I know there is an “Indie RPGs” Discord channel, although I really don’t like Discord for long-form conversations about games (endlessly frustrating!), so I don’t go there. Adept Play is Ron Edwards’ new site, and it has a bunch of activity, as well (on the site and on Discord).

This is the best place I’m aware of, although the “story game” focus is heavily, heavily dominated by PbtA games (which might be a plus or a minus, depending on your interests).


Welcome to the Forums @Happyfist38. I’d suggest kicking off a topic that interests you in the RPG Chat part of the Forums.


Yes, I am also missing the discussions previously on and G+. Most of my discussions are scattered over Slack, Twitter, Discord these days.

While Gauntlet forums is basically open to all sorts indie/story games, it tends to heavily navigate towards PbtA.

I’d be also happy to know additional places with a broader range of game systems/mechanics and also a stronger focus on game design.
Maybe Reddit?


Does anybody have the discord link for the Indie RPG Channel there? Thanks for all your responses so far.


You could try this!


The link doesn’t work anymore. Can you provide a direct link to server?
It’s hard to google discord servers due to overlap with RPG video games…

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True! What are the other discord servers somehow connected to the gauntlet and/or wider trpg community?

It looks like Discord link invites are only good for 24 hours. I hope you catch this one!


That was close but I’ve made it :wink: Thanks!

Though I’m still not sure if Discord is the ideal platform for discussions. The lack of thread hierarchy makes it hard to follow discussion topics.

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A lot of my friends are using Discord to have RPG discussions, so I’m there a lot. But I find the format almost endlessly frustrating. It’s exhausting and very difficult to engage with!

I by far prefer the forum format, and wish everyone would come over here, really. :slight_smile:


Yes… It would already be a great improvement if they had collapsing threads like i.e. Slack.

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Actually, I think they just added this.

I’m not sure how useful it is, honestly, but it’s there now.


Yeah! It’s helpful. Still not as good as a forum, but it helps organize discussion a bit.