Free from the Yoke (February)

You’ve won your revolution. What will you do with freedom? After occupation and revolution, your nation is finally free. Now you need to decide what happens next. Will you work with your fellow citizens to build a glorious new land, or forge your own path?
In Free From the Yoke, you’ll control one of 4 different Houses. These are the factions that define your new country, and through their struggles and fortunes you’ll tell your fledgling nation’s history.
You’ll also play a viewpoint Character from your House, however. Their adventures and sagas, their brushes with the supernatural and their desperate struggle on the battlefield, will help guide the course of history.
Finally, there’s the Arbiter – the organisation in control of this land. They might be the heroes of the revolutionary war, avatars of the Land itself risen up to oust the Empire, or even a governor left here by the Empire as part of their peace treaty with you. Their playbook tells you what sort of challenges they’ll force onto their subjects, what laws they’ll enforce, and how your Houses and Characters can exploit their organisation to their advantage. The Arbiter also has an Agent, a powerful free agent to add into your mix when characters go on adventures, and Projects – map-changing ambitions that will define each age of your saga.

This is the second month of the first quarter of a year-long campaign of Free from the Yoke by Jay Iles and Fyodor Kasatkin. The sessions will be scheduled month-to-month in quarterly blocks.
However, the Houses in play were determined in the first session (session 0) and will not change (barring narrative).
Being able to attend each session is ideal, but not required. You must sign up for each session you wish to attend. When a new player joins, they will take over the House of the previous player.

We’ll use Google Hangouts. I’ll email all players about a week before the first session with the necessary links.

Safety Tools: We will use Script Change and Lines and Veils during our sessions. We will observe the Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy.

all sessions on Wednesdays at 1900 EST
Session 4:
Session 5:
Session 6:
Session 7:


as Symbaroum was called Synabuns, so do I dub this game Yokey. I am sorry Darren. I do not make the rules. We will be playing Yokey for 2 months, and I look forward to it.