French convention Octogones

Just came back from french convention Octogones, and my brain is going from fuzzy cozy to fizzy sizzling with ideas. I feel like a country person coming back from a trip to the big city. Lots of (weird) games enthousiasts there, authors and theorists I was excited to meet in the flesh.

I don’t want to flood the forum with that, so I’ll just make a list of some topics that stay with me :

  • pride and the communities
  • gamebooks : playing alone or together ; mature stories
  • slice of life sandboxes : small scope, huge work.
  • various setups for empowerment : (the myth of) roll and talk ; lax on coherence ; allow the risk of meh ; speaking in turns.
  • low character count, independent of player count
  • listening and performing
  • modern game preparation
  • intercreation : leading VS following ; proposing VS reincorporating ; consensus VS dialogue
  • etc.

I have no question here, this is mostly an expressive post. But there’s room for your own experiences of such encounters, analysis, and confirmations that a given topic is definitely in the air / or not.

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