Frequently Asked Question (or maybe just Questions?)


There are configuration options for that in your personal preferences linked off your profile page.


@EpistolaryRichard You’re welcome to post a link to the article if it’s also with a larger analysis or discussion post. What I think would work well for your blog is using us as a way to initiate discussion and ask follow up questions to your articles.

We do ask that no one post topics that consist of “here a link to my thing” as want this to be a place for discusson, not a cork board for flyers and advertisements.


Basically if an episode of the podcast is relevant to an ongoing discussion thread - feel free to link to it.


I feel dumb… Where is the Sign Up button?

“Then hit the Sign Up button!”


Okay so there are a couple of things you can do depending on what you want. First off go to your account preferences
First click on your name and click the gear.
Next click depending on what you want, from the left hand side bar, click on “Notifications”, “Notifications->Categories”, or “Notifications->Tags”.

The descriptions there are okay, but here is how they are different (from:
Watching: You receive a notification in the user menu, as well as an email for each post. Additionally, you will see “new” or an unread count for the topic.
Watching First Post: You receive a notification in the user menu, as well as an email for the first post only . Additionally, you will see “new” or an unread count for the topic.
Tracking: You will see “new” or an unread count for the topic.

The additional thing that might want is Muted as you could mute categories or tags that you don’t want to see. This could help you limit what is visible to you so it is less overwhelming.


I figured this is the place to ask: is there a place here to discuss upcoming cons, games, etc that are not gauntlet specific?

For example, I expect to see several gauntlet folks at Camp Nerdly in a couple of months. I’d love to talk about Nerdly here, and I’m not sure if it is appropriate given the categories.


The mods have been having some tangentially related discussions about content so this is timely…

Here are my thoughts:

The first questions to ask yourself before posting on the forums are “what do I hope and envision this discussion to look like? How do I want the other community members to interact with it?”

This isn’t a cork board for people to post their flyers on and move on. So just posting and saying “this is what Nerdly is, here’s the web site, you should come” isn’t what we’d want to see. (Knowing you though I wouldn’t expect that.)

Knowing what I know about Nerdly I think there are a number of great discussions to be had around Nerdly: it’s focus on community, the cycling of the chief owlbear position, the push for supporting gamers with kids, scholarships, how it should be a model for other regional cons, etc. Those are all meaty discussions waiting to happen.

Opening up discussions in those veins in RPG Chat (ideally without boldly putting Nerdly in the topic title) and pointing to Nerdly as an exemplar would be a fantastic wat to both Improve The Discussion here on the forums and highlight Nerdly.


With that tacit approval, I’ll give it a shot.

And yeah; I am fundamentally disinterested in one-sided communication. But, you knew that.


You have an account and are logged in, so I don’t believe you’ll see the Sign Up button anymore. (Unless you log out, I guess?)


That’s correct. I don’t know what I was doing or what was going on where I’d click on the x to close the message and then go to another page or post and it would be back. It hasn’t done it again since yesterday so I think the strange crisis has been averted.


So, it looks like this forum does not have a space for doing play-by-post games or anything like that. Is that correct?

I just want to confirm. I completely understand if the Gauntlet wants to stick to other kinds of games.


You are correct. There is no category for play-by-post games. Though I know there are definitely some folks here who do them.

I’ve only dabbled my-self, but it’s something I would interested in learning and doing more.

If you have participated @ancusohm in them, I’d love to hear of the different platforms and methods you have used, what you liked and what didn’t work well for you.


I’m not an expert on them either. I know a lot of people play them on a lot of forums. I’m most familiar with Sufficient Velocity’s. They have some features to make it easier to run games in the forums: like a dice roller and an automated vote counter.

I was just curious if the Gauntlet forums planned on hosting games like that.


Just to make sure it was clear: pbp is intentionally unsupported on the Gauntlet Forums. It will not be functionality we add in the future.


First of all : Hello! Just discovered this great community recently. :slight_smile:

One question: Since the soon to be passing of G+, is there going to be a subforum for specific games, eg one for Ironsworn, one for Beyond the Wall, FotF etc?


Who knows what the future may hold? For the time being our plan is to keep everyone talking to everyone else to help prevent silo-ing. As users gain Trust Levels they will eventually gain the ability to create tags for their posts which in theory could be used to limit what they see (using tag filters) but that takes time. It’s still early days and at the moment we want to see how things change organically. There are definitely people (admins and mods) who have their hands lightly on the tiller but they are mostly just keeping the boat away from icebergs and such.


Ok I see! Well from my experience at least from a huge German RPG forum silos and across threads bound in one forum works quite well even if the scope of games is not as tight as here. But yes I like the organic approach here, so lets post to find out :wink: