Game Design Workshop Channel

On the slack, @Bethany_H mentioned setting up a virtual game design study hall as a way to help those of us who have difficulty getting anything done on our projects.

With the help of the ever-helpful Bob Abrazado this is now a reality! The Gauntlet discord is now set up with #design-shop channels (text as well as voice/video) for this very purpose.

So if you want some study-buddies to chat with or just have around while you work on your gaming projects, drop a line here, in the slack, or on the discord to let people know when you’ll be around!


I’ll be in the #study-hall channel for much ot the day today while working on some game and writing projects. Come join me if you want some quiet or mildly chatty company while you work on your own stuff.

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I will be hanging out in the study hall channel on the discord later today (from around 5pm GMT) for a few hours while trying to work on some projects. Come join me if you want some quiet or possibly lightly chatty company while you work on your own stuff!

This feels like a foolish question, but how do I get access to this server?

I’ll send you a link. If that doesn’t work, please let me know and I’ll try to figure out what I did wrong.

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Could I please have that link as well?

Sure! PM with link incoming!

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I can has invite?
You can also make an expiring public link.

I’m not very familiar with Discord so I think I’ll stick to the link I’ve got for now, and that one is coming your way!

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I’ll be on for a bit while I’m working on a C:tL hack for Cortex Prime.

I’ll be in for an hour or two from now while working on some projects.

I’m back in the study hall after a long absence in order to bash at an idea for a PbtA Spirit Island game that won’t let go.


Holy crud, did you say Spirit Island and PbtA? Sweet.

Yeah, but I’m not sure it will work. It’s tricky to juggle the spirits, the Dahan, and the Invaders without making the Dahan very passive which isn’t a great fit.