Game Mechanics Wiki

A while ago a few of us on the Slack were talking about game mechanics and we wondered if there was a repository of common design patterns. Not finding one, Asher was very kind to set up a wiki and we’ve been populating it ever since.

Take a spin through and feel free to chime in with cool game mechanics you love and would love to see more games take advantage of. Or flesh out some of the entries there with examples and games that utilize them.


I can’t :heavy_heart_exclamation: this enough. Thank you for sharing.


Do we edit the wiki directly Jesse? Or comment?

The gap I’m noticing is stuff at a more structural level: scene framing, downtime, that kind of thing. Maybe you don’t regard those as mechanics?


Feel free to edit directly!

And yes, all of those structural level things are definitely mechanics, so please add them in (or at least create placeholders for them if you don’t have time to flesh them out now).


Hello, I’ll take over the wiki if you don’t mind.

This is very handy.

Am I missing something though or are there no card mechanics listed? I am thinking of Tarot reading, trump suits, poker hand, high card / low card. Maybe, the categorization is just different than what I expect. E.g. games Aces and Eights, Saga (Marvel, Star Wars), Faith, Everway

I also don’t see Voting like in Microscope

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This wiki is a stub. I am now looking for the right software to work on the wiki offline and deliver pages weekly to the campaignwiki team.

I have in mind the TTRPG wikipedia article as an Ariadne thread to cover the main concepts, and something like Cloud and Dice (and maybe some Levity) as a basic conceptual framework.

We’re going to need templates for the articles. Under each mechanic, examples from games in chronological order, à la TV Tropes.

This is all mouth until I find the proper tool : I am just thinking outloud so we don’t stray too far apart each one on their side.

edit : configuring MediaWiki, we’ll see how it goes.