Games that exploit players being in diverse mind states at the table

During a game, players can and will be in different states of mind. RPG being about sharing a moment together, various attitudes towards and answers to this question have manifested.
Getting everyone on the same page.
Pacing everyone through the same steps.
Have a “neutral” information channel (numbers, map, etc.).
Reflecting on this, I began to notice a pattern (tip : it’s got to do with same-ness)

Of course, diversification exists too :
Classes and playbook make different things matter for different players (in-game currencies, values of sorts).
Information asymmetry, typically between GM (and GM chosen / perception checked player) and the rest of the table.
Some character roles (weapon / wielder, mage / familiar, AI / human, supers / ordinaries, Average / PoC, Girl underground / companion, etc.) and game roles (Gm / player) give different perspectives on the game.

I am looking for games or situations in games where the difference between players state is not only created but used for profit. Like, for an extreme example of state disconnect, one player is possessed (by Moyra Turkington scale of Puppet to Possessed) and the others hit them like a Canasta for content. Of course, this is what happens in GMed games, but how can it be done differently ? I think maybe in Penny for my thoughts, also in Lovecraftesque, and that’s about it. And what about the 6 theoretical (using Moyra Turkington’s scale) other lesser “state gaps” ? Do they even exist ?

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