Games with multiple protagonists who aren't in a party?

The system is several iterations away from the Numenera/Cypher ladder, though we haven’t touched a D20 for anything.

In a previous campaign we used a tiny stat (-1 to +2) + token spend system, where each player had 10 tokens to spend in an evening. If you spent all your tokens in one shot, you could achieve something truly worthy of myth (but then anything else would be, at best, “most people could accomplish this most of the time” results).

In the current run, it’s a low stat bonus (0 to +3) + D6 against a similar ladder. Magic is still a few tokens, held by the player and available for them to put towards whichever character. Characters are quickly noted as 3 points max across Mind-Body-Heart, and might have one or more colours of magic available. We might just put some colour dots on a piece of ephemera like a matchbook, paper clips on a NASA ISS mission patch, highlight some lines of poetry, or take a marker to a piece of grid paper.


I played sometime ago, a FPS/RPG game, horror survival with demons, in the beginning you would select a character, but in the mission you are in a team of multiple characters with different powers, one is a tank with a big gun, the one that I selected is a rifler and his power is to take control of the others, you have 2 chicks one a mage type with pistol, the other a invisible chick with a sniper and another characters. And in the middle of the first mission, you have to move forward but you need to take control of the chick with invisibility to not trip the alarm… And more mission could be done with other characters. But I can;t remember the name of the game. And I really want to finish it myself.