Gauntlet Calendar GMs: April Open

Since it is (yikes) the beginning of February, GMs may not now post events for April. We still have plenty of room open for March as well, so check out the calendar there. A few things to remember:

  1. GMs please post sessions at least two weeks out.
  2. Also may sure to set the one week of RSVP priority access when you create your event.
  3. Feel free to say the first 48 hours or so of access is limited to a group that might not otherwise get to sign up (new members, people who have played with you, members of a marginalized community, etc). Mention that first in your event descriptions and postings.
  4. If you plan on recording, say so in your event description.
  5. Post your sessions on the Forums. There’s a template when you make a post in the Gauntlet Hangouts section.
  6. Be a good community member about your sign ups. Check our discussion of responsibilities in the FAQ.
  7. If you’re unsure about what to run, ask around. If someone’s asking for a particular game or time, you can set aside a seat for them.
  8. Run awesome games.
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That was a dangerous typo-- I have correct Not Open to Now Open.