Gauntlet Calendar Opens for March

With it being the start of January, the Gauntlet Calendar opens up for March. We still have room in February, so check the calendar for good spots. With the security updates and changes to the calendar, a couple of features have lost. First, players no longer receive a reminder email a week out. It’s extra important GMs send a set up email ahead of sessions. Second, GMs no longer receive an email when someone signs up for their session. So keep an eye on your events. We hope to have the latter feature put back soon.

A few other reminders for those posting events.

  • Please post your events first to the Gauntlet Forums. We have members who don’t participate in the Slack who have RSVP access. It’s important to have events there in public for those interested in playing but who don’t back the Patreon. If you have to choose, please post on the Forum over Slack.
  • GMs it is legit to mark the first 48 or 72 hours of access as restricted to a particular group who might otherwise not get access: new Gauntleteers, people you haven’t run for yet, members of a marginalized community. If you do so, make sure you put that at the top of your event description on the calendar and when you post it on the Forums.
  • If you’re wondering what to run, check out forum threads to see what folks are talking about. Sometimes players will post looking for a particular game or even particular time. GMs if you have someone make a request, feel free to save them a seat. Just post the session with one fewer players.
  • If you’re planning on recording your event, make sure you say that in your event description. It’s also important to tell people if you’ll be contacting them via a group email. Finally, given the state of our video options it’s a decent idea to mention what you’ll be using for the session (Streamyard, jitsi, Zoom, etc).

As a reminder to players, GMs also do not receive an email when someone un-RSVPs. If your GM has contacted you and you need to drop from the session — no matter how close to the session or for what ever reason — please let your GM know (you don’t need to explain yourself, just that you can’t make it)! More often than not someone will move up from the waitlist and, again since GMs don’t receive emails when the RSVP list changes, the GM doesn’t know that the roster has changed!


Thanks for highlighting this, Darren! I fell victim to missing a change in the waitlist in a game this past weekend.