Gauntlet Comics: Allied Angels: Dawn of '43 (Masks RPG)

Gauntlet Comics: Allied Angels Dawn of '43 (Masks RPG)

A New Year has just started, and the war continues, savage and unabated, but now with the full might of the United States War Machine behind the Allies!

With the heroes of the First Guard overseas and otherwise occupied, it falls to the plucky heroines of the Allied Angels to defend the homefront and keep New Gauntlet City safe!

This is a 4-game run of Masks in the Gauntlet Comics shared sandbox setting. You may create an original female-identifying Masks: A New Generation teen hero or play one from a previous Allied Angels episode as you wish.

Enlist individually for as many issues as you’d like, but these issues will be far more collectible if you’re in all 4!We’ll use the X-Card, Open Door, Lines/Veils and a discussion of the Comics Code to set the tone and make sure we’re all having fun.

For more about the Gauntlet Comics Setting, check out our WIKI.(PLEASE NOTE that we’ve got 1 slot reserved by request, so we’ll be playing each session with 4 characters.)