Gauntlet Comics: Legendary Gurlz

Gauntlet Comics SILVER AGE SPECIAL: Legendary Gurlz!

Fridays in May at 7 PM CST using the Velvet Glove Ashcan game

Get ready, gals! It’s the newest issue of Midnight Mustelid Comix, the premiere underground comix with a finger thrown in the air towards the comics codes of the day. This comic is the Legendary Gurlz, those beautiful ladies of the House of Silq who keep law and order for their siblings.

Set in the neighborhoods of Bellevue in the mid-1970s and the gay ballroom scene, this comic touches on the lives of a gang of femme queens and women who are trying to make a name for themselves in a world which ruthlessly tries to beat them down. Or to earn trophies in a ball culture which demands the utmost perfection.

You are the upcoming legendary children of House Silq, how will your story play out?

This is a game of Velvet Glove that is set in the New Gauntlet City continuity. Instead of focusing on super heroes that have unbelievable powers these are heroes on a mundane level, real heroes who must make do. This game also focuses on the gay ballroom culture and will have themes of transmisogyny and racism as well as the other harsh themes of Velvet Glove. If this is not to your liking, this game will not be for you.

In such an intense game we will be using safety tools: The X-card, Lines & Veils, and script change tools. This game may have dark themes but is not an excuse for edgy play culture and will not be relentlessly dark. If you wish to participate you must RSVP for every game you wish to attend with a preference for being able to make all sessions, however that is not a requirement.

NOTE: For the first 48 hours please only sign up if you are part of a marginalized community or have not played in a game I have run yet.

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Hello all,
I’m a first time player on the Gauntlet and looking forward to playing this.
If you have any tips or resources I should review beforehand that would be great.
I have picked up the Velvet Glove: Notebook edition already.
Thank you

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I would recommend “The Queen” for a snapshot of what the queer world would be at this time: A place where pretty cis white gay guys get most of the respect and pie of the LGBTQ+ community and see the birth of the Ballroom scene as we know it when Crystal Labeija snaps at the crew of the documentary and the judges at a drag pageant. This film is about an hour and nine minutes and free on YouTube.

The quintessential “Paris is Burning” shows the type of world we’ll be in with the Ballroom scene and portrays the white world (gay and straight) as something difficult for Asian, Black, and Latinx queers to break into. It’s on Netflix and probably many other places.

The newest media, which shows the gang side of what we’ll be working with, is “Check It” available on Hulu. It follows around an all queer and queer accepting gang whose members protect against violent bashings and bashers while other members try to make their way in a world that doesn’t quite accept them.

Tip wise, mute if you’re not in a scene or won’t be called on in a bit. Don’t be afraid to tell me what lines and veils you have when the game gets closer on the way. Maybe think of a Playbook that looks cool to you. Thanks for signing up!

Thanks I’ll check out The Queen tonight

Will you be using Roll20 or another tool at all?

Sorry for taking so long for this. We will use a Google Drive with sheets, Zoom for meeting, and a roll room for dice.

No problem looking forward to playing.