Gauntlet Comics Special Episode: Gauntlet Podcast

On a special episode of The Gauntlet Podcast @RichRogers brings on @Alexi_Sarge, @inarvan, @JimLikesGames and @Ferret: four GMs and players in our special community project called Gauntlet Comics to talk about the it-- and more importantly their Summertime Crossover Event!


Not sure if I’m replying in the right spot, but here goes…

I’m new to the Gauntlet podcast. This special episode was one of the first few episodes I’ve heard of the show. Good stuff!

I’m a part time professional illustrator, and I might be interested in contributing artwork to… something related to the the Gauntlet Comics project, though I’m really unsure what exactly since I’m new to Gauntlet in general.

Obviously, between my Day Job (~60 hrs/wk) and the paying illustration work I have to do, I can’t offer a ton of stuff, but I really like the idea, and would like to put something into it. To contribute.

Since you’re working on a Summer Crossover Event, perhaps a comic book cover? Perhaps a couple of character portraits for the wiki?

I’m not sure, and I’m unsure who best to talk to in order to benefit the most folks, so if someone would be so kind as to point me in a direction?

Oh, and I guess some credentials are in order. Feel free to check out my site or my Patreon page for some samples of the sort of work I do.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work. I really enjoyed it already, just by listening to the ‘overview’ in the podcast. :slight_smile:

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Let me tag @RichRogers on this!

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Hey there @mrlich, what a generous offer! I checked out your site, your artwork is really clean and lively, good stuff. Let me chat with the others to see what we can work out. I’ll Private Message you soon.

Thanks again!

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