Gauntlet Comics: Zombie World NGC 2K (4-issue Limited Series)


When the occult heroes of Coven Prime failed to unlock the Portal Penultimate, doorway to Afterlife, that trapped the souls of the dead in our realm with nowhere to go. The confused, angry, and increasingly deranged spirits of those who should have moved on clung to their rotting bodies with nowhere to go.

That was 3 months ago, and the world has taken a terrible turn since then. The necrotic touch of the Wayward infects any living thing, even the powerful meta-humans and aliens that once populated the shining towers and broad streets of New Gauntlet City. You’re all that’s left, mustering your powers to keep this tiny enclave of citizens safe and alive from the shuffling hordes of zombies and ghouls, while hoping, every moment, to escape the notice of the corrupted superheroes who have fallen in the fight.

This is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE tale of the heroes of New Gauntlet City facing a crisis at the tunr of the Millenium that changed everything and yet somehow never happened! We’ll use a crazy hack of Magpie Games’ Zombie World to depict the struggles of the Occult Heroes who are NGC’s only hope against the Masked Dead! This is a 4-game series and it’ll be most fun if you sign up for all 4, but that’s not required.

PLEASE NOTE that it’s totally cool to play any other Gauntlet Comics character you’ve created that could reasonably be around in the year 2000, including cast member of Coven Prime, Allied Angles, or even modern-era games if your PCs might have reasonably been around. They’ll probably get horribly mangled, but that’s the fun of it all! Please get in touch with me if you’d like to give permission for your character (heroes OR villains!) to be used as either PCs or zombies in this run, even if (especially if) you’re not playing!

CW: Contagion Plotline, Body Horror, Civilian death, PTSD, and generally gross Zombie stuff. This series comes with a Mature Readers warning label and is Direct Market-only!

TUESDAYS IN MAY at 8:00 PM Eastern: