Gauntlet Community Open Gaming (4/16- 4/19)

The Gauntlet Community is proud to present a free weekend of open online gaming, taking place Thursday, April 16th through Sunday, April 19th. Gauntlet Community Open Gaming will be completely free. Anyone can play—you don’t have to be a community member.

Sessions will be managed through our dedicated calendar app here:

All events will open for sign up on Monday, April 6th at 10AM Eastern. All events will follow the Gauntlet Code of Conduct and all GMs will be expected to explain and use safety tools of some kind (Lines & Veils, Script Change, X-Card, etc). We expect players and GMs to respect those rules and systems to make sure the event is fun and comfortable for all participants. We will also have channels to contact in the event of issues with play.

To play, you will need to register at the calendar. (Note: the app will ask you to share your Google calendar. Saying no won’t affect your login.) You can sign up any time after 4/6 10AM EST. Games have a Waitlist as well—you’ll be notified by email later if you move up from the Waitlist to the event itself.

If you don’t know the system, don’t worry—rules will be taught, no preparation necessary For the session itself you’ll need a decent internet connection and a microphone. Games have been played via tablet and phone, but the experience is not optimal—laptops or desktop computers are preferred. A camera is optional in most games, but useful. Most sessions will use a video conferencing app (Streamyard, Jitsi, Zoom, etc). They’ll usually use Google documents as well. If a game requires Roll20, it should say so in the description.

We want to help newcomers to online gaming get comfortable, so we’ll work with you to get set up.

We will have a Discord for mustering at the time of the event. The GM will check and send out the link/invitation to their private video conference for the game you’ve signed up to play from there. The Discord will be up throughout the event to allow pick up games, questions, and general chatting.

This event is free. Our community members want to help more people get into online TTRPG gaming in the smoothest way possible. We have years of experience doing this and we want to help others. If you feel this event was of value for you, you might consider donating to an organization of your choice helping those negatively affected by the pandemic.

Right now we have a set of events posted by Gauntlet Community members. We expect to add more up until the start of the open weekend. If you’re interested in running and comfortable with safety tools, we’d love to have you post an event. The community leans towards indie, storygames, and OSR, but that shouldn’t be a limitation.

If you want to run an event, review the Community Code of Conduct and email us at

We’re also looking for folks to help out behind the scenes (watching the Discord, sorting out technical problems, checking in with GMs).

Sessions will run Thursday through Sunday across several time zones. We will have scheduled breaks at these times:

  • 8 AM Eastern (5 AM Pacific, 2 PM Berlin, 8 PM Manila, 10 PM Sydney): 1 Hour Long
  • 1 PM Eastern (10 AM Pacific, 7 PM Berlin, 1 AM next day Manila, 3 AM next day Sydney): 1 Hour Long
  • 6 PM Eastern (3 PM Pacific, Midnight Berlin, 6 AM Manila next day, 8 AM next day Sydney): 1 hour long
  • 11 PM Eastern (8 PM Pacific, 5 AM Berlin, 11 AM Manila next day, 1 PM next day Sydney): 60 Minutes Long

The Gauntlet Open Gaming Calendar:
For questions:
Info Website:


Wow, thanks for doing this! One question. Later in the post you say “You can sign up any time after 4/6 8AM EST.” I assume you mean 10AM EST, which matches the statement at the beginning in bold?


As I was asked already twice now: the times on the calendar site are your local times, i.e. what the website fetches from the computer you are working with.


Sign ups open in 60 minutes!

I suppose it is a show of interest that the Gauntlet Community Opening Gaming site seems to have gone down under the weight. I have reached out to the developer.

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OK the site is up and available.