Gauntlet Community Open Gaming Registration Begins Today

Our free Gauntlet Community Open Gaming is happening March 24th to 27th. Registration for this online con opens today, Tuesday March 1st, at 1200 US Eastern.

GCOG’s our free online ttrpg convention-- anyone’s welcome to come and try it out. It’s focused on showing off indie & story games, introducing new players to online play, and demo’ing best practices for games and safety. Find out more here:
You can register to sign up and see what’s on tap here:

Some of the games available this time: Hearts of Wulin, Spirit of '77, Bluebeard’s Bride, Trophy Gold, Heart, Lord Why Have You Forsaken Me (Paragon), Quietus, Space-Aces, Storm Riders!, Over the HEDGE, Swoop Gangs, Back Again from the Broken Land, Lancer, Nobilis, CBR+PNK, and more.