Gauntlet Community Open Gaming: REGISTRATION OPENS TODAY

Registration OPENS Tuesday Sept 6th at 1200 US Eastern.
GCOG’s our FREE online ttrpg convention-- anyone’s welcome to come and try it out. It runs September 22nd through 25h. It’s focused on showing off indie & story games, introducing new players to online play, demo’ing best practices for games and safety.

Register here:
Find out more about that here:

Important: If you see someone posting anywhere (Twitter, forums, a Discord, etc) that they’re having trouble registering-- please tell me. 99% of the time it is because they just signed up on the GCOG Calendar. Because of the way it is set up I have manually click their name to approve them to register.

I loathe this set up, but it is what it is.

I usually try to swoop through and check for new names throughout the day, but sometimes I don’t get through fast enough and someone is left hanging. If you see this happen, please message me here or email