Gauntlet Community Opening Gaming July

We had a good GCC meeting this week and confirmed July 16-19th as the dates for the next GCOG. That makes it quarterly and it avoids any potential conflict with. Registration will open 10AM Eastern on July 6th. The registration problems we had this time were entirely of my own making, so they won’t happen again. I’ve gone ahead and set the “Open Registration” date on the GCOG calendar. Events can be put up any time going forward.

We hope a longer lead time will give more GMs an opportunity to schedule games. At the very least they can plan around regular July games. Anyone registered to play in the first GCOG is set up in the system for the July event. I’ll have to set up anyone new who wants to run a GCOG game-- they can message me here or via gmail at edige23.

We’ll talk about additions and changes we want over the next several weeks. I’ll update the reference materials (more on the waitlist, expectations, etc). I plan to do weekly-biweekly reminders so we keep those dates in mind.


Just a note: The GCOG links on the main Gauntlet page are still only mention the April event…


Thank you-- I believe I have that fixed now.

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