Gauntlet Con Attendees Confirmed

If you are a Gauntlet Patreon supporter or Gauntlet Con Guest or Volunteer who has registered on our Registration Site, you should now be a confirmed attendee for Gauntlet Con. When you go to the registration site, you can click “My Account” in the upper left corner of the menu and see “Registered Attendee” under your name.

If you’ve not logged in to the Registration Site with your Google ID, please do that as soon as you can. We can’t confirm you as an attendee until after you log in.

Hey All: If you sign into and click “My Account” and do not see the word “Attendee” under your name, drop a note here or send me a private message and let me know. We confirm people by first and last name (not by email) so if your Patreon name and your Google Account name don’t match, just let me know. We’ll figure it out and get your confirmed as an attendee!

I don’t see the word attendee under my name when it finally lets me in. Sad Face.

Check now - once you log in, I still have to manually confirm you.


That did it! Thanks!

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If you’re a Gauntlet Patreon supporter and are having trouble getting confirmed as an attendee for Gauntlet Con, be sure you’ve logged in to the registration site:, then leave a comment for me on Slack or under this Patreon post:

Hey there. I paid in through just Paypal, kind of late. I don’t see that I’m an attendee on the site. I’d love to be able to join up as a player or run things :slight_smile:

Hey Karl: I just sent you a private message to check a couple of things. If you’ve paid through Patreon, you can just post a message here letting me know you need to be confirmed as an attendee.