Gauntlet Con Big Thread! The Announcements Collection

This is a big thread of all of the announcement emails I send to our mailing list. To sign up for the mailing list, check out

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Tuesday, Sept 10

Hi All:

This is the first of our announcement emails for Gauntlet Con 2019. I’ll be cross-posting this to the Gauntlet Forums and Gauntlet Slack, so if you’re a member in those places, you should feel free to check out this information there.

Gauntlet Con Information

If you haven’t heard yet, Gauntlet Con 2019 is entirely online and will take place from Thursday, Oct. 24 to Sunday, Oct. 27. As an online con, we’re recruiting Gamemasters and guests from across the world, from London to Berlin to Adelaide to Manila to Southern California to Brooklyn. We’d love to have you join us!

Gauntlet Con Access

If you’d like to come to Gauntlet Con this year, check out this Gauntlet Forums post on how to get admission. First access to registration will go to anyone who’s signed up as a Gauntlet Patron by Monday, Sept. 23, as well as our volunteers and guests.

Gauntlet Con Guests

We started announcing guests today (Tuesday, Sept. 10). I’m a big fan of all of our guests, and we’re excited for you to learn more about them. You can read their bios on The Gauntlet Con 2019 page and see what they’re running on the big thread of Gauntlet Con guests on Gauntlet Forums. I’ll also try to update you once a week with who we’ve announced.

Call for Diverse GMs

Gauntlet Con is looking to expand our schedule by about 10 more games, and we want to hold these spaces for GMs who are people of color, LGBTQIA+/queer identified, or women. You can read about this call here.

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is an online Tabletop RPG community. You can read about:

Tuesday, Sept 17


Just a couple of announcements this week…


We’re in the middle of our guest announcements process, and you can see the guests we’ve announced so far on our Gauntlet Con site or the guest thread on Gauntlet Forums.

So far, we’ve announced: Diogo Nogueira, Sharang Biswas, Abigail LaLonde, Storybrewers (Hayley and Vee), Ben Laurence, GMDK (David, Fiona, Camilla, and Vivien), James Mendez Hodes, and Jahmal “Mad Jay” Brown. More coming between now and registration starting.

See the Calendar

Our event creators are still adding their games to the registration site, but you can check out the 117 games already on the calendar here:

While there, go ahead and sign into the site with your Google ID! This will speed up the registration process for everyone who’s a Patreon supporter.

How to Register!

Gauntlet Con 2019 registration begins at 5 PM Eastern/NYC/Toronto Time on Saturday, Sept. 28.

To be ready to register, you need to complete two steps:

  1. Support The Gauntlet on Patreon by Sept. 23! People who back us after that point may not be able to register on Sept. 28.
  2. Log into the registration site with a Google ID. Even if you are a Patreon supporter, we cannot approve you as an attendee until after you log into the registration site at least once. Your logging in is the only way we have to create your account on the registration site.

I know this can be a bit of a hassle, but this will ensure you can register when registration opens!

The Gauntlet Con Basics Review!

Gauntlet Con is an entirely online convention that runs from Oct. 24 through Oct. 27.

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We’ve got just 1 week before Gauntlet Con registration opens on Saturday, Sept. 28 at 5 PM Eastern (NYC/Toronto Time). Here’s what you need to know to get ready!

Be a Gauntlet Patreon Supporter!

The first week or so of registration is for Gauntlet Patreon Supporters. You can back the Gauntlet Patreon at any level $2+ to get the start of registration, as long as you sign up by Sept. 23!

Sign up for the Registration Site!

Patreon supporters will then need to login to the con registration site: This creates your registration site account, and we can’t confirm you as an attendee until AFTER you sign into the site.

Get a Look at the Games!

While you’re on the registration site, take a look at the games on offer. We’re planning for over 80 GMs running more than 170 games. As of this morning (9/21), there were already 150 games on the site.

Get a Look at the Guests!

We’ve got guest announcements each day. You can check them out on the con Website: or at our forums (where we also link to the games each guest is running): The Big Gauntlet Con 2019 Guests Thread.

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Update on 10-02-2019

Getting Admission to the Con

As of yesterday, you can get admission to Gauntlet Con 2019 via either Patreon or PayPal. Also, if you’re a Patreon supporter and need me to confirm you as an attendee, be sure you log in to the RSVP site first, then leave a post on this Patreon post.

Getting Into Games

If you logged into the Gauntlet Con Events/RSVP site in the last 48 hours, you should be approved to sign up for events now!

Early registration start last weekend (Sept. 28), but we still have over 90 events with open spaces.

Open games include games with guests and in-demand games such as Monsterhearts, Dungeon World, Hearts of Wulin, and OSR Adventures. Don’t despair - come check out the RSVP site and sign up!

If you’ve got questions about registration or games available, please reach out.


Each game also has a waitlist option. If you see a game you’re interested in but it doesn’t have openings, don’t hesitate to join the waitlist. For any event, we find that 50-75% of games have at least one attendee drop, sometimes more. The waitlist may get you into games you really want.


If you’re returning to Gauntlet Con, you’ll know that we have a helpdesk that’s legendary. You can approach them for tech help, game recommendations, game mustering, panel/workshop access, issues you’re running into in-game, or anything else. We need help staffing that helpdesk this year, especially in non-US/Canadian timezones. If you’re willing to help out with helpdesk, get in touch and let me know.

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Update 2019-09-27

Registration Starts Tomorrow!

If you’re a Gauntlet Patreon backer and want to take part in Gauntlet Con registration when it opens tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 28, 5 PM Eastern/NYC/Toronto Time)*, we’ve got a Patron’s post up on what you need to do:

*That’s 2 PM San Francisco, 10 PM London, 11 PM Berlin, and 5 AM the next morning in Manila/7 AM in Sydney.

The Guest Announcement Are In!

I don’t have to keep anyone a secret anymore, all of our guests have been announced. You can check them out on The Gauntlet site or view the list on The Forums (with links to games they’re running).

More Designer GMs and Games Series

In addition to our guests, we’re joined this year by a large group of designer-GMs. I’ve also listed out several closed series (where the same GM/players are in all sessions) and open series (with varying players but the same GM in all sessions).

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