Gauntlet Con Games with Openings

If you’ve got a game on the Gauntlet Con calendar and it still has space, go ahead and post it here in this thread! With over 90 games that still have openings, skimming the calendar can be intimidating. Help people find you! (If you want to register, check out this information.)


I’ve still got space in Autumn Triduum, my PbtA game about nuns fighting the forces of spiritual darkness!

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Moonlight on Roseville Beach is a sandbox investigation game about the little, queer disco-era town of Roseville Beach, and the citizens who’re called on to stop the cultists, monsters, nightmares, and elder god-like things that are set to ruin summer. It uses @Diogo_Nogueira’s awesome old-school-inspired Dark Streets & Darker Secrets system with some custom character creation and beach-town creation rules.

Sign up for 2019-10-27T03:30:00Z!


In Troika! Hack Barrow Keep, you’re the scions, courtiers, wards, and other awkward teens of the great haunted castle Barrow Keep, and though your elders may ignore the supernatural threats threating your homes, you won’t.

Based on Troika!

Sign up for 2019-10-27T23:00:00Z!


Hearts of Wulin: Emperor of Bandits

2-part closed table FEATURE

Virtue vs. Villainy! Obligation vs. Passion! Justice vs. Tyranny! The heroes of Wulin battle for a better world while struggling with their own intertwined duties, desires, and destinies. You are heroes trying to serve your family, faction, or ideals. High-flying action, romantic confusions, and secret schemes abound. This game aims to emulate the high drama feel of stories like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Laughing in the Wind ; and more. Tales of misunderstandings, betrayals, and farce mix with martial arts action. Hearts of Wulin borrows elements from Apocalypse World, Masks, Monster Hearts, The Veil, and beyond. Rules will be taught. In session one we will create our heroes and Entangle them in a web of martial and romantic relationships!


This is a two-session ‘feature film’ offering. Signing up for session 1 commits you to coming to session 2. If you can’t make both sessions, please free up the spot for the next player. Part Two will be run Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern .

The Emperor of Bandits has died under mysterious circumstances, and now every dishonorable martial artist with a will to power and a few thugs has converged on your province to vie for the Leopard Throne.

This event abides by the Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy, and will use safety tools including the X-Card, Open Door, and Lines & Veils.

We will use the Zoom streaming platform to play. I will record the session, but release it publicly only if all players consent at the end of the game.

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2 Dungeon World one shots. Several slots free in each.

Cult of the Crocodile -

Contest of Dissolution and Wonder -

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Guardians against the Monsters
Using Eotenweard, my own Dark Age PbtA game inspired by Monster of the Week.
The playbooks available are: the Commoner; the Hammer of the Gods; the Loon; the Monster Hunter; the Outlaw; the Pagan Mystic; the Priest of God; the Scholar; and the Warrior of God. There are also several variations on the Monstrous playbook (only one of which can be in play in any session): the Demon, the Fae Changeling, the Revenant , the Skinchanger, and the Spirit.

This is a gritty, low fantasy, ‘historical’, game set in Britain 200 years after the Roman legions withdrew. The characters are commissioned by King Ceretric of the Christian Celtic kingdom of Elmete to seek out a notorious witch, rumoured to be unkillable, and put a final end ot her.


Couple spots open in a 2-shot of Dream Askew. Be queer post-apocalyptic scavengers building an enclave in an abandoned Florida retirement village!



I have two Dungeon World one-shots using @Jeremy_Strandberg 's excellent Homebrew World “overlay” and some of my favorite dungeon starters @jasonlutes , Castle Death and the Mines of Fara-Dul. Both are completely open!




I’m offering The Shepherd of Moths for The Cthulhu Hack on the Sunday —

Cambridge, England, 1922. Ludwig’s letter said that he’d be going away a while, and asked you check in with his colleagues in his absence. The morning you arrive on campus, you learn that Professor Ludwig Barrett did not turn up to deliver his lecture this morning…

I’m also offering S1 Tomb of Horrors with my Quarrel and Fable on the Saturday —

THIS IS NOT A HACK AND SLAY GATHERING. Hard up on your luck, YOU decide on one final throw of the dice to loot Razaak’s legendary Tomb of Horrors.


There’s space in my game of Get Ready 2 Rock, a GMless PbtA game about a band getting ready to play a big gig:

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2 spaces in my game of Microscope: Chronicle

Will be telling the story of some kind of zombie-like plague (there’s a sickness, it changes people, the Chronicle is about some sort of urban settlement). Everything else to be decided in game as per the wonders of Microscope


Hi folks! I’ve got some spaces in my two sessions of The Outsiders, a game where you play a dual role: a group of outsiders trying to join an established community, as well as the council determining their fate.

Are we prospective students applying to a magic school, survivors fleeing from an apocalypse and trying to get into a walled settlement, college kids trying to get into a sorority, or something else… Who we are, and what community we are trying to join, is determined by us collaboratively at the beginning of the session.

(The Outsiders is a game in playtesting, designed by J. Gurantz. It is inspired by For the Queen (a Descended from the Queen game; The mechanics involve taking turn asking question prompt cards of the outsiders, and eventually using this information as the council to vote on a resolution, followed by short epilogues. The game is GM-less, but will be led by a facilitator (me!) who will play along with you. We expect the game to take a little less than 2 hours, followed by a quick debrief, but it could take longer depending on the players, and how many follow-up questions they ask.)



Still haven’t gotten any RSVPs for my Dungeon World game on Sunday afternoon…


You are fierce, nimble riders in a hobgoblin cavalry unit at war with the human imperialists who conquered your homeland.

Your people made a devilish alliance with the necromantic Lord Strygax to lead a counterattack.

This turned your righteous cause into a living hell. Your ranks are swelled with foul undead, and you fight under the scrutiny of the Necromancer’s insidious spies.

Something or someone has given Lord Strygax reason to doubt your loyalty. So he recalled your unit and assigned you a suicidal mission as a test.

Will you risk all to allay the Necromancer’s suspicions? Discover a traitorous mole in your squad? Break ranks and flee for freedom? Actually manage to fight the human invaders?

Players will choose one of twelve pregenerated characters which you will customize by answering a question and picking a secret.

Rakka’s Raiders is a Plundergrounds dungeon starter by Ray Otus.


A game I designed, The Great Soul Train Robbery, has space open. It’s being run by a great GM, Leah Sargeant, on Friday at 2019-10-25T18:00:00Z

In the game, you play Desperados robbing the train to Hell. Think Hadestown, Pretty Deadly, or any given Johnny Cash song. The mechanics are simple: it’s based on Honey Heist, but your two stats are Lover and Sinner.

Sign up here!



@edige23 will be posting these on Twitter soon, so jump on these chances to play with some of our guests!

Thursday (2019-10-24T23:00:00Z)

Guest @Ben_L will be running an adventure he’s working on for an upcoming issue of Through Ultan’s Door.

Friday (2019-10-25T23:00:00Z)

Guest Camilla Greer of The Demon Collective zine from GMDK will run her debut adventure “Night School”: bring any character you like from any OSR system.

Saturday (2019-10-26T18:00:00Z)

Saturday (2019-10-26T23:00:00Z)

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As of this writing I have three seats for my Saturday 2PM Eastern session of Pasión de las Pasiones.

Come join us for this game of Latino Telenovelas

Pasión de las Pasiones is a PbtA tabletop role-playing game where you play the cast of the world’s most dramatic and exciting telenovela: La Rosa Querida, the story of a famous hotel and a battle for love, wealth, and power. In Pasión de las Pasiones , lies will be exposed, plots will be shattered, hearts will be broken, and if you’re lucky, you might even get a happy ending…at least for now. This is a game of melodrama, so be prepared for that. Sessions will contain betrayal, intrigue, and sex (though we fade to black for the last of those).

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I have space in my 4-session run of Trophy Gold: The Ruined Abbey of St. Clewd. It’s a significant commitment—there’s a session each day—but I think it’s going to be a memorable experience for everyone.



A slot has opened up in my Gauntlet Con game of thwarting Nazi minions of the Mythos …


I’ve got space in a few of my games. Check them out!

Friday 2019-10-25T23:00:00Z

Picareseque - Against the Duke
A conspiracy of ambitious rogues in a corrupt city.


Saturday 2019-10-26T23:00:00Z

Picareseque - Against the Duke
A conspiracy of ambitious rogues in a corrupt city.


Sunday 2019-10-27T18:00:00Z

Mutagen Trail - Ultraviolet Wastelands
A caravan of mutants on a journey to the edge of the world.



With Richard’s permission I’ve changed one of my underperforming game sign-ups to a new game: The King is Dead: Seaward Coast! It’s a ‘sequel’ to Firebrands, and thus a GM-less, distributed authority game that guides it’s players through scenes of drama, warfare, and intrigue.

I would like to run it using a Tabletop Simulator mod for the card deck and physical components, I hope that’s not too steep a barrier for anyone interested.

Check out my game schedule here:

More info about the game on itchio:

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