Gauntlet Con Special: Closed Series

This year at Gauntlet Con, we’re trying something special: a select number of games that are designed to be Closed Series.

Most Gauntlet Hangouts and Gauntlet Con series are open tables, meaning that they’re designed so that players can drop or join specific sessions in the series, so that the players don’t need to be the same throughout.

A closed series is designed so that the same players are together for all sessions of the series. This is a great chance to commit to a group throughout the convention and develop characters and scenarios over a multi-session game.

One special thing about Gauntlet Con Closed Series: you will not be able to sign up for any sessions of the series other than session 1. To sign up for the series, you must commit to session 1, and signing up for session 1 commits you to all the subsequent sessions.