Gauntlet Con Special: Open Series!

Open series or “open table series,” in which you register for each session individually, are a long-time specialty of The Gauntlet and are the way most Gauntlet Hangouts sessions work. Players get a chance to play with the same GM, but the “cast” may change a bit from session to session.

Keep in mind that, for an open series, you will need to sign up for each session individually.

Maze Rats: The Stygian Library

Will Broom (roguesrepast on Twitter) runs Emmy Allen’s Stygian Library with Maze Rats in 2 sessions!


Designer-GM @darren runs this mecha game in 3 sessions.

Dungeon World: The Way to Wits End

@Lu.Quade runs this Codex adventure designed by @ignotus in 2 parts.

Infinite Galaxies: Welcome to the Edge

@RoryM runs an adventure in his PbtA space game in 2 sessions.

Seacat: Ultraviolet Grasslands

@Asher runs this Luka Rejec module (previously reviewed on Fear of a Black Dragon) in 2 sessions.

Masks: Reign of the Super Teens

Jack (@king_taran) will be running this 2-session series.

Hearts of Wulin: Autumn Willow

@Ludovico_Alves will run this 2-part series of @Agatha and @edige23’s forthcoming game.

Dream Askew: Palm Cove

@Bethany_H runs this 2-part series of Belonging beyond Belonging.

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