Gauntlet Facilitator Camps Coming Soon

From @Tylom:
Hi there Gauntleteers. The Gauntlet Facilitators Camps will be going up on the calendar Sat, Sept. 26th. I’m pleased to say the camps will cover nearly every timezone. We will be offering 3 camps in November, but if it turns out there is a need one more may be added. Our amazing counselors @swordqueen, @Puckett, and @Alun_R will be letting everyone know the days and times of their camps when they post them to the calendar.

The GFC’s are an excellent chance for people interested in running games for the Gauntlet to learn about the tech used, the resources available, and the tips of the trade to make a game go smoothly. It’s also a chance for newer members to get a feel for the Gauntlet gaming culture and get some sessions under their belts. It also allows for that sometimes nerve wracking first run for the group to occur in a safe and supportive environment.

The first session will be a chance to learn from your counselor all the things you need to create an event, coordinate with your players, access play aids, set up video calls, and record for posting. There will also be a Q&A where your counselor fields your questions and gives advice based on their many sessions ran for the Gauntlet. The following 3 sessions will have each Camper running a one-shot for their fellow Campers and their Counselor. Throughout the whole process their Counselor will be there to provide encouragement, support, and help.

Some of the most prolific and talented GM’s in Gauntlet ran their first games for the community in GFC. Not only that, the friendships created in this shared experience live on long after the tents are folded and the arts & crafts are put away. So come gather around the campfire and let’s tell some stories!


I’ll be posting Camp Pursuivant details on the calendar on Saturday, but will provide details here in advance.


I’m really hoping to be able to sign up for this. I’ve GM’d for nearly 40 years around tables, but I’m very leery to do so online (so much more performance required)… this is a great option. Thanks for setting this up!


I’d never run online before joining the Gauntlet about 2 years ago after that same 40+ years at tables … it takes some adjustment but I don’t think it’s much more performative … maybe a bit more ‘exagerated’ … ironically the reverse if what I remember Laurence Olivier said about stage and screen …

Now … I see real advantages to online … for instance, having everyone’s character sheet visible to everyone at the same time is something I’d really miss at the table now.

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These were my observations after not very long running online:


Gauntlet Facilitator Camp: Pursuivant
… will take place on Thursdays in November at 7pm GMT.
We will be back to straightforward GMT by the end of October, so … to aid any planning, that is:
11am in PST
noon in MST
2pm in EST
8pm CET
3am ON FRIDAY in Manila & Perth, Australia;
5am ON FRIDAY in Central Australia; and
6am on FRIDAY in Sydney

… as in all things timezone related …
Check the conversion yourself.

I’ll be posting the further details on the Event Calendar tomorrow, Saturday, after lunch (GMT).

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