Gauntlet Finalists for 200 Word RPG Challenge

At least two Gauntlet-affiliated designs in the finalists for the 200 Word RPG Challenge!

My game, 002: License to Eavesdrop, is about being secret super-spies at a real-life social gathering. It plays around with the idea of unnwitting collaborators in a game, in the vein of Vincent Baker’s Vengeful Demon of the Ring. This game felt very experimental to me, and so I’m bowled over and very honored that it’s a finalist!

@Michael’s game We Who Once Ruled is also a finalist. It’s a fascinating way to tell a story about vampiric decadence, rage, and regret using homemade masks and finger paint. Michael’s thread here gives a glimpse into the game’s design process!

Congrats to all the finalists! Any other finalist games of interest people want to shout out to or discuss here?



@Alexi_Sarge: As it turns out, I was one of the readers to nominate 002: License to Eavesdrop. I also nearly played it this weekend at a Halloween party. We came up with our own list because our Uber driver gave us nothing. We only bailed on the idea because my wife wanted to add more people to the game. I didn’t think the party was big enough to have 6 people playing.

Our list included the following phrases:

  • smells like pickled ginger
  • save your bumper
  • What’s up with traffic?
  • Train from Wisconsin to Indiana
  • Ikea date
  • Look like a lobster
  • Brain is my favorite desert (it was a Halloween party)
  • They’re the worst kind of zombie

Meanwhile, if We Who Once Ruled got a softer touch than when it was posted on this forum earlier, then that would be a really fun and playable game too.

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UPDATE: My game, 002: License to Eavesdrop is one of the winners of the 2019 200 Word RPG Challenge!

What an honor. Congratulations to the other winners and to all of the finalists and contestants!

If you play my game out there, let me know how it goes!


Congrats! That’s awesome!

I was one of the readers that also nominated It’s Past Your Bedtime for the next round. That game seemed like if it was refined a bit better (and less trad) it would be great. Yours was playable fun after a single read though.

I just read through That Sound Reminds Me of You last night. It is a very cool concept but in the end, the primary game mechanic was just a card flip. If I had to pick a single winner from the dozens I read, it would be yours.

The other Gauntlet entry was pretty evocative and interesting too.