Gauntlet Forums: Looking for Help

The Gauntlet Forums are an important part of the Gauntlet network, alongside our website, podcasts, Gaming Community Slack, Publishing Discord, and social media presence. We originally created it when we knew for certain that G+ would be shutting down. We wanted a public and open space for talking about games and gaming ideas. It is a place for us to announce projects, advertise new content, crowdsource ideas, and publicly post Calendar sessions. It helps both the Gauntlet Publishing and Gauntlet Community sides.

A small team of moderators oversees the Gauntlet Forums. At the end of this month, Jesse Abelman @Jesseabe will be stepping down from his responsibilities there. He’s been a rock—handling things smartly and quietly behind the scenes. He’s helped keep things running through a couple of crises. We really owe him a great debt for the work he’s put in.

We have a small staff of moderators, and we need to add a couple more people to the roster. To quote Jesse: “the community is great and doesn’t require much moderation for behavior. Most interventions are about tidiness, splitting off threads when a new topic starts, cleaning out spam, moving stuff to different categories, that kind of thing.” Jesse’s offered to help get any new moderators oriented.

It isn’t that much work, but it is a commitment. To offer some compensation, any new moderators we add would be compensated by being comped the $10 Patreon level for their work for as long as they serve. (Optionally if you’re a Patron already, you can give priority RSVP access to two friends. If you’re interested, please contact Lowell at