Gauntlet Hangouts Posting Open for June


Since we’ve moved into April, GMs can now post Gauntlet Hangout sessions for June (?!). But we still have plenty of room for sessions in May as well. As a reminder, you should schedule sessions a minimum of two weeks out, with one week for Patron access. I’ve seen a few GMs recently shaving days off of that. Please don’t.

GM’s if you’re thinking about what to run, consider asking for suggestions. In the past that’s pointed me to a couple of games that I might not have thought of otherwise. Also take a look at sign ups; games with large waitlists suggest there’s a hunger for that system.

If you have questions about running, feel free to message me. I’d be glad to answer those. If you’ve played in a couple of Gauntlet Hangouts sessions and want to run, I’m also the person to contact about that. You can see more about that process in the Gauntlet Community FAQ.