Gauntlet Open Gaming goes LIVE

Hey, everyone!

Registration opens for Gauntlet Open Gaming on October 15-18 in just ten minutes at NOON EASTERN! It’s not too late to jump in and join us:

I’ll be online making sure everything goes smoothly, but you van ping me either on our Slack or at gauntletopengaming at gmail with nay questions or concerns.


WE ARE LIVE go get those events!

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How do I? I’ve been clicking on your Marvel game, to subscribe… but nothing happens. Even after refresh, and I see others are already getting in.

I just moved you over Neil, you should be all set

You’re in, hooray! See you in a couple of weeks.

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Same here, RSVP button not working. Also am a patron sub, if that helps find my info.

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Joe, did this issue get solved for you?

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I was able to RSVP to a game. I”m not sure my permissions reflect my status as a backer. Also I’m not sure who to contact about this. I’m new to this system. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Thank you


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