Gauntlet Podcast: Fav Game of the Year

Each year we do a special episode of The Gauntlet Podcast featuring community members talking about the favorite RPG they played. This doesn’t have to be an RPG released this year, it could be an old fave you had a great time with. We’d like to hear from you! Here’s how you can participate.
*Record your audio locally with something like Audacity and upload it to our dropbox folder as an mp3 or wave file.
*Alternately, record it on Youtube and send us a link so we can pull the audio from that.
*Submissions should be a couple of minutes in length: your name, your pick, and why you chose it.
*We’d like submissions by Dec. 15th.
*If you have any questions, hit me or @RichRogers up.
Our Dropbox Upload Link:


Couldn’t swap to a dot wav or dot m p three but I hope a soundcloud link is of use

I got it Sean, no problem.

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Just a reminder that we’re still looking for submissions for our Game of the Year episode of The Gauntlet Podcast. If anyone needs help getting this recorded, message @RichRogers or I. One thing we’ve done in the past is to set up quick online events, record those to YouTube privately, and then strip the audio out.


As someone reminded me of an option we had last year: if you just give us a link to a clip, we’ll download and convert that. We just want to hear what everyone dug in 2019. .

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I am hitting this with another bump-- we’d love to have everyone’s picks and impressions for your Fav Game of the Year. This episodes always our most download one each year. It’s a great chance to call out and boost a game which gave you joy this year.

Message me if you have any questions about this!