Gauntlet Podcast: Have a Familiar Ring, Purplest Prose, Beam Saber

On the latest episode of The Gauntlet Podcast, @Auzumel_S and @edige23 talk with Austin Ramsay about his game Beam Saber and the session he ran on The Gauntlet. We also look at Have a Familiar Ring and Purplest Prose, two striking storygames.

Show Notes:
01:14 - Sherri’s Games Played and her Spotlight - Have a Familiar Ring
11:47 - Lowell’s Games Played and his Spotlight - Purplest Prose

22:21 - Second Segment - Austin talks about his game Beam Saber , coming to Kickstarter soon, and his session of running it for the Gauntlet.

Giving Me Life
44:05 - Sherri’s getting life from Bon Apetit, a YouTube show
45:43 - Lowell is getting life from a re-read of The Craft Sequence novel series
47:02 - Austin enjoys the podcast - Well, There’s Your Problem

Find Take Have a Familiar Ring by Sword Queen Games here:

Find Purplest Prose by Pammu here:

Beam Saber KS info is here:

Bon Apetit episodes are here:

The Craft Sequence novels are here:

Well, There’s Your Problem can be found here: