Gauntlet Podcast: Take My Revolution, Veiled Fantasy, Lighthearted

(Because I forgot to post this last week) On the first February episode of the Gauntlet Podcast, @Auzumel_S and @edige23 speak with @Kurt_Potts about his game Lighthearted, as well as discuss Take My Revolution and Veiled Fantasy.

Show Notes:
00:53 - Sherri’s Games Played and her Spotlight - Take My Revolution
11:34 - Lowell’s Games Played and his Spotlight - Veiled Fantasy

24:52 - Second Segment - Kurt talks about his experiences developing and GMing his game Lighthearted .

Giving Me Life
47:18 - Sherri’s getting life from Revolutionary Girl Uten a rewatch
50:44 - Kurt is getting life from catching up on Schitt’s Creek
51:46 - Lowell is getting life from board game The King’s Dilemma

Find Take My Revolution here:

Find Lighthearted here: